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Stellenbosch Night Shelter

Stellenbosch Night ShelterThe Stellenbosch Night Shelter opened in October 1991 to provide overnight facilities and basic care for the increasing number of homeless people in Stellenbosch.

The Shelter has room for 30 men and 10 women. Preference is given to the oldest, sickest and poorest. Welfare and medical care are provided. The Shelter is not considered a permanent, but rather a transitional home, since people are encouraged to make contact with their families or to get jobs and move to more permanent lodging if at all possible.

The Stellenbosch Municipality and the Stellenbosch Night Shelter launched a joint project in 2006 for an additional shelter where residents do not have to be sober to gain admission. The Municipal Shelter opened its doors in September 2007. Admission to the Municipal Shelter is free, but vagrants cannot self-admit. Members of the public can contact the Municipality at 021 808 8890 to request that they bring someone to the Municipal Shelter. Alternatively, members of the public can bring people to the shelter themselves.

Residents who have made continuous use of the Stellenbosch Night Shelter and thereby demonstrated that they can maintain sobriety, will not be allowed to stay at the Municipal Shelter until a period of six months has passed after they leave the Stellenbosch Night Shelter.



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