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For money transfers into your accounts over the net, you need your branch code.


Branch code: 334410

Mon-Fri: 08H30 - 15H30
Sat: 08H00 - 11H00

ABSA Internet Banking

ABSA Internet Banking is the new direct banking system offered to ABSA clients. Individual clients that register for Internet banking will also be enrolled for Telephone banking. The major benefit of Internet & Telephone Banking is a 24-hour a day, 7 days a week banking service.

Internet Banking functionalities available:
  • Balance enquiries
  • Statement enquiries
  • Inter-account transfers
  • Obtain account information
  • Transaction log
  • Download bank statements electronically into the OFC format and directly import the information into MS Money
  • Cancel existing services
  • Change PIN
  • Bill payments
  • Own defined payments
  • Stop orders
  • Change account names

You can rest assured that ABSA Internet banking is a secure service. Whatever transpires between you and the service remains confidential, and nobody can access your accounts.


Branch code: 10711045

Mon-Fri: 08H30 - 15H30
Sat: 08H00 - 11H00

NEDBANK Internet Banking

NetBank offers you secure, 24-hour, full-service banking. You can conduct your banking with Nedbank from the comfort and security of your office or home, using your existing Internet link. NetBank provides access to your accounts for non-cash transactions. In addition, payments and transfers from your accounts will attract reduced service charges when compared to issuing cheques.

NetBank Offers Full Service Banking
  • Determine balances on all your linked accounts;
  • View statements for your linked accounts;
  • Download statements for your linked current and savings accounts;
  • Transfer funds between your linked accounts;
  • Pay third-party accounts, eg retailers and electricity;
  • Order cheque books;
  • Change PINs;
  • Determine the latest foreign exchange rates.
  • NetBank Saves you Service Charges
  • Transaction fees on payments are reduced and transfers between linked accounts are free.
  • NetBank is Affordable
  • A minimal monthly subscription fee of R22,80 (including VAT) is charged.


Branch code: 200610

Mon-Fri: 09H00 - 15H30
Sat: 08H00 - 11H00

FIRST NATIONAL Internet Banking

Introducing the first real eCurrency. eBucks. It's as simple, safe and anonymous as paying with real cash, except it's on the Internet.

You can use eBucks to:
  • buy a wide range of goods from eBucks enabled online shops (including electronics and sports equipment, books and CDs, travel and luxury goods, toys etc. etc.);
  • donate eBucks to charities, if you feel generous.

You can also transfer or e-mail eBucks to other people.

eBucks cannot "expire" (in contrast to e.g. "points" used in "loyalty programmes").

You can exchange Rands for eBucks but you can't exchange eBucks for Rands. Ten eBucks = R1 or one eBuck = 10c.


Branch code: 050610

Mon-Fri: 08H30 - 15H30
Sat: 08H00 - 11H00

STANDARD BANK Internet Banking

The aim of Standard Bank Internet Banking is to provide you with easy access to banking services.

Now you can apply to have the overdraft limit on your personal cheque account increased quickly and conveniently through Internet banking.

What services are offered on Internet banking?
  • Account balances
  • Account statement details
  • Statement downloads
  • View a transactional history going back 45 days (history statement) on all cheque accounts
  • Simplify account reconciliation by sorting your cheque account, PlusPlan and MasterCard statements into predefined groupings
  • Download your provisional and transactional history statements to your PC workstation
  • Transfers between accounts
  • Pay up to 10 accounts to third party beneficiaries
  • Future-dated payments
  • Pay student fees
  • Beneficiary maintenance
  • Manage your 32-Day Notice account
  • Apply for an overdraft facility on your current account
  • Messages to your branch
  • Enquire about personal Internet banking information
  • Update personal Internet banking information
  • Send comments/general messages via e-mail
  • Internet Package Access service
  • Share and portfolio services
  • Business Club payments

What does Standard Bank Internet Banking cost?
There is a monthly subscription fee of R19,50 (incl VAT) for ALL customers using Internet banking. Plus cheque account holders and customers who avail themselves of the service fee rebate option on their cheque account will not be exempt from this subscription charge. With the exception of PrestigePlan Plus and PrestigePlan bundled account holders.


Branch code: 10871045

Mon-Fri: 08H30 - 16H00
Sat: 08H00 - 11H00


Branch code: 73004500

Mon-Fri: 08H30 - 16H00
Sat: 08H30 - 11H30


Branch code: 440110

Mon-Fri: 08H00 - 17H15
Sat: 08H00 - 13H00




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