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We've gathered some of the questions that were sent in by email, as well as a few other interesting facts about Stellenbosch and what you should expect during your visit.

What happened to the old website?

We killed it. This one's better.

Where are all your courses and faculties listed?

Nowhere. We are not the University of Stellenbosch. Their website address is

I can't find your health section?

We're not the Stellenbosch Hydro either, but we'll gladly point you in the right direction:

Where is Stellenbosch situated?

50km north-east of Cape Town, in the Cape Peninsula of South Africa. (the south-western tip of Africa) The area is generally referred to as the Boland (Higher ground), the province we're in is the Western Cape or Western Province, and our neighbouring towns include Franschhoek, Paarl, Worcester, Somerset West, Strand and Wellington.

How do I get to Stellenbosch?

If you're not from South Africa, first book a flight to Cape Town. For local motorists, the N1 or N2 highways both pass Stellenbosch within a few kilometres.
From Cape Town International Airport, take the "N2 Somerset West" turnoff. After a few kilometres, take the "Baden Powell R310" turnoff, turn left, drive for about 10km and then turn right towards Stellenbosch. Alternatively, take the "Somerset West / Stellenbosch / R44" turnoff from the N2 highway. Turn left at the offramp, carry on straight for about 20km until you reach Stellenbosch.
These two offramps are also accessible from the other direction of the N2, in that case turn right after the offramp.
From the N1 highway, take the "R44 Stellenbosch / Klipheuwel" turnoff. Turn in the direction of Stellenbosch (according to the direction you came from) and drive for about 15km till you reach Stellenbosch.

Does Stellenbosch have an airport?

Well, more like an airfield. Bigger planes can't land there, so it's mostly used for recreational purposes. The Cape Town International Airport is about 35km from Stellenbosch and the drive should take no longer than 30 minutes.

Does Stellenbosch have a Mass Transit / Transport System?

Not really. Commuter trains run past town (with only a few stations) and can ferry people to Cape Town and back. The trip takes between 1 and 2 hours, but the journey is not the safest to take for tourists.
Taxis are available in town, but not in the quantity or quality of European standards. Stellenbosch itself is small (and safe and beautiful) enough to explore on foot during the daytime.

Which languages are spoken in Stellenbosch?

As a tourist or visitor, you'll find that all shops and businesses employ English or Afrikaans personell, while most tourist-orientated businesses also do business in German.

Which methods of payment are accepted?

As most people would advise, use traveller's cheques or credit cards. Most bank teller machines (of which Stellenbosch has at least 5 different kinds) are Maestro, Saswitch & Electron compatible and will provide local cash if needed, while almost all curio shops, hotels, cafés and restaurants accept VISA, Dinersclub or Master cards.

How far is it to the beach?

About 15-20km south of Stellenbosch. The drive takes you past wine and fruit farms, Somerset West and its shopping mall, to a town at the coastline called Strand.

Which activities are available in Stellenbosch?

To quickly sum them up, sight seeing, wine tasting, cycling, mountain biking, hiking and rock climbing, skydiving, hot air baloon rides, fruit picking (in season), golfing, cheese tasting, and many more like theatres, art exhibitions and galleries to visit, various music, etc.
There are 2 gyms with full machine compliments and pools in town, there are various nightclubs and pubs, but not half as many as there are coffee shops and restaurants. The centre of town houses a small shopping mall with the usual list of shops like stationers, boutiques, coffee shops, retail stores, jewellers, etc.
We have 2 movie houses with 3 and 6 cinemas each, screening the latest international blockbusters. (usually 2-6 weeks after US release).
On the outskirts of Stellenbosch lies the Stellenbosch Golf and Country Club with a full 18-hole course. The course is well-maintained and green fees are applicable to non-members.
Stellenbosch also boasts one of the most impressive wine routes in the world, totalling 45 world-renowned wine farms. Guided / chauffeured tours are also available.
For a selection of upcoming events, please see our "Entertainment" section.


Please consult your local travel agent, travel guide or an information centre before embarking on your journey. This information is merely a guide to our town, and Stellenbosch.Co.Za takes no responsibility for any damages or loss (personal or material) arising from the use of this information.




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