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AHA - Lifelines

Music / CD ReviewAha are back. Again. After what I considered to be one of the best albums of that year, Aha had to do something special to surpass the trusted 80s vocals mixed with grindingly slow but funky beats mostly found on "Minor Earth Major Sky".

So great is my enthusiasm for that previous album that I just walked into a shop, picked up a copy of "Lifelines" and bought it without ever listening to it.
The first run through didn't disappoint, but obviously I still liked the previous record better. Track 12 on this new release, "Cannot Hide", is exactly what I bought this CD for, a poppy (if somewhat bubblegum flavoured) track that is a strange marriage between the new Millenium and the 80's.
Although I wish for more tracks like this, the rest of the album isn't bad at all.
The first few tracks open up in Aha's new style of today, smooth vocals laid on ballad-like pop tracks. The title track seems radio-ready and most songs posess a feet-tapping melody or beautifully crafted refrain that makes for easy listening.
Track 2 and 3, "You wanted more" and "Forever not Yours", feature a smooth intro and strong wailing vocals, and this is where the CD's recording also shined through. Although my CD player is in dire need of servicing, the ambience and space of the sound is rich and roomy.
"There's a Reason for it" and "Oranges on Appletrees" are a bit too playful and poppy for my tastes, but with the above-mentioned songs in mind, they give more dimension to the album and combined on this CD, they mostly offer something for everyone.

If, like myself, you adored the previous "new" Aha album, this one won't let you down. It's not quite as pop, but you'll get used to it and will surely reserve a spot for it among your favourite CD's.

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