Stellenbosch Nightlife


Drosdy Centre, Bird Street
(Bar, Live Music)

A very popular destination on a night out, Tollies features an impressive array of tap-ready beers and the usual culprits from it's long and winding bar. Any live acts will perform in the one corner of the venue, and the volume levels are usually pretty high. Tables and seating are scarce inside, but the outside terrace features many benches and tables for guests. There is also a chill-out like room with more comfy seating, a pool table and fireplace. There are also a few TV's in Tollies, usually tuned to sports channels.
Prices are good, but the bar can get crowded (and service immenently slower) on busy nights. Expect ques on Wednesdays and weekends.
Entrance Fee: Depends on event / performance, usually none.


(Nightclub, Bar)
Plein Street

Mavericks' popularity was the first thing that struck me about the nightclub, in the form of an impressive que outside the door. Once inside, I was pleasantly surprised by the large and roomy nightclub which features a bar to your left, tables and chairs to your right and a dancefloor in the far right corner. I immediately noticed the poor quality of the sound system, but I guess I was still a bit too sober. The volume is spot on and even allows for a decent conversation to be held elsewhere in the nightclub. As for the music content, the DJ seemed to read the crowd briliantly and proceded to provide a wonderful mix of hits and party favourites. The bar serves most alcoholic drinks and the service was reasonably quick for a full nightclub. While sipping on my drink I tried to find something unique about the club, but couldn't come up with anything blatently obvious except the fact that this popular destination offers the right mix of music and a great atmosphere for any potential party animal.


(Restaurant, Bar)
Alexander Street

An old Stellenbosch favourite, the Terrace continues to survive among nightclubs and bars. It does this by offering full bar and restaurant facilities, while enticing visitors with numerous live performances. The restaurant section offers plenty seating, but booking is recommended on busy nights. The bar serves all the popular beverages and the service was spot on.
Most days feature live artists next to the bar, thus music of the loud kind is catered for. The restaurant section is thoughtfully seperated from the bar, thus you won't have to scream across the dinner table. The menu caters for most tastes, and the pizzas can only be recommended. Prices are good, the food's even better.
There is also a TV which shows popular sporting events.
Entrance Fee: None
Specials: Live Music, occasional Pizza specials.


(Pool Bar)

Situated next to the Eikestad Mall and in the centre of Stellenbosch's nightlife, Stones is a great place to chill out before or after some heavy partying. The venue is basically one huge room with lots of pool tables scattered (but decently spaced) around a central bar. Drinks are reasonably priced and the service leaves nothing to complain about.
The music is usually loud, but of good quality and mixed genres. Various pinball and other electronic entertainment machines are also available.
Entrance Fee: None

Rustic Café

(Restaurant, Bar)
off Bird or Du Toit Streets

The Rustic is a definate stop for any proper night on the town. Although it's open during most of the day, the Rustic fills up towards the evening and again from midnight with guests enjoying the good food on offer. Pizza is said to be their strong point, but I would rather like to point out the impressive list of cocktails on offer. The bar is accessible from two rooms, and service is prompt and friendly. Prices should fit most students, although the cocktails are obviously more expensive, but definately worth it.
There are numerous tables inside the Rustic Café, and provision is also made for guests wanting to chill out. Bean bags in one room and big, comfy couches in the centre of Rustic (surrounding the fireplace) allow for the perfect end to a night out.
Entrance Fee: None
Specials: Cocktails, occasional Pizza specials.

De Akker

corner Bird & Herte street

De Akker is one of the older pubs in town, and it shows. Seating and decor show signs of ageing, but the relaxed bar atmosphere can't be faulted. The two bar counters serve beverages at fair prices, and on my visits service was of the quick and chatty kind. There isn't too much seating available, but outside you'll find a few more tables and benches. Older music genres played at a reasonable volume, and there is also a TV showing mostly sports events. The patrons are mostly of the older variety to, so you won't find many teeny boppers or ravers in here.
A perfect stop if the more popular (and crowded) places aren't your game.
Entrance Fee: None
Opening Hours: till late


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