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2002 FIFA World Cup

2002 FIFA World Cup2002 FIFA World Cup, the PC release from EASports, has wiped away the peripheral elements of other soccer programs. There is no training, no unique or situational game options, just the game of soccer, or football as the world knows it, presented in World Cup fashion. There are two ways to play the game – either as a friendly competition (for those who don’t know, a friendly is akin to an exhibition match, full intensity but the outcome matters only to the players, not to standings of any sort), or during pool play in World Cup competition at venues in Korea and Japan.

You play the game – period. Yes, you can manage the international teams, set line-ups and formations, and fiddle with the camera angles and other options to your heart’s content. But the bottom line here is the game, and what an incredibly-rendered game it is.

You can always see incredible soccer talent by watching matches on television, but what the developers of this game have done is nothing less than extraordinary. Bicycle kicks, head-ons, trapping down to an aerial pass are all included. The offsides' rule is accurately portrayed. And nothing is sweeter than watching the ball bow the back of the net on a well-driven shot.

As the ball snaps the back of the net, Scholes raises arms triumphantly as the crowd, waving flags of both Great Britain and Finland, goes wild. The camera rotates around Scholes, and in the background, the Finnish keeper is on one knee, his head in his hands, seemingly second-guessing his attempt at the stop.

You will see the crowd seemingly reacting as individuals, not one uniform mob; as the camera pulls back for a throw-in, or pans down the sideline during a run, you will notice the team coach on his feet, gesturing wildly and pointing at his players with great animation.

Yep, this game captures the pure excitement of the tournament, and the thrill of watching the world’s greatest players display their talents. You will be amazed at the skills these players display without so much as you telling them to collect a ball.

Not only is this game visually stunning, but – as with any EASports title – the commentary is exceptional. Not only is the game action and analysis wonderfully handled by announcers Andy Gray and John Motson, but you will hear players on the field yelling for the passes and pointing out that they are making runs.

Power meters let you know how hard a pass or shot will be. The controls are, by default, set up for the keyboard, but the game can handle a gamepad just as easily – and all controls can be customized. While the initial elements of control are very simple, more skilled play can be achieved by working keys or buttons in combination. And you can put spin on the ball, while actually aiming it at a specific location.

This is a stunning PC game. It features real stars, with actual player features and characteristics, gifted and amazing action, and the joy of the best squaring off on the sport’s greatest stage.

If you are a fan of the sport, this is one game you won’t want to miss playing.





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