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Kerke van STELLENBOSCH Churches


The following information is listed according to Organisation, Contact person & details, and the focus service areas.


Ms Natasha Cartwright
Tel 021 883 3015
Fax 021 887 4774
PO Box 2088
Dennesig 7601

  • Empowerment and safety of children with special attention to traumatized children (protection, support and development) teaching life skills promotion of cognitive, emotional and physical development pre-school children
  • Establish family life that functions effectively Build capacity and management skill of families
  • Build parenting skills
  • Prevent and decrease substance abuse
  • Decrease marital disintegration and trauma of divorces
  • Empowerment of youth
  • Promote leadership and prevent crime
  • Empowerment and capacity building of women
  • Human Rights education
  • Protection and support of older persons
  • Improve quality of life
  • Sufficient services and resources

Association for the Physically disabled (Western Cape)

Ms Chantal Paulse
Tel 021 845 5611
Fax 021 555 2888
PO Box 1375
Cape Town 8000

AIM: The Association promotes opportunities for people with physical disabilities to be integrated into all aspects of community life. The Association seeks to identify barriers to their integration into the community and facilitate the removal of such barriers by way of mobilising and directing resources which will enable people with physical disabilities to maximise the use of their residual abilities in the social, educational and vocational spheres promoting and advocating public policies to the benefit of people with physical disabilities.

  • Counseling and training of persons with disabilities and their families;
  • Facilitation of linkages of resources; employment opportunities, educational facilities; training institutions, information;
  • Talks, facilitation of application for grants;
  • Support services to persons with disabilities and their families;
  • Working with the community in developing resources for people with disabilities and their families.

Bergzicht Training Centre

Ms Cecile Kotzé
Tel 021 883 3525
Fax 021 886 6345
PO Box 985
Stellenbosch 7599

  • Training en work placement of unemployed adults
  • Home care
  • Educare
  • Frail care
  • Catercare
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Literacy classes

Department of Social Work, US

Prof Sulina Green
Tel 021 808 2070; Fax 021 808 3765
private bag X1
7602 Matieland

  • Group and community work projects (administered by social work students) to promote the social and economic development of women, youth and children in communities

Diakonale Dienste Stellenbosch/ABBA

Ms Anita Marais
Ms Jo Coetzee
Tel 021 883 8030
Fax 021 887 0977
PO Box 2384
Dennesig 7601

1. Prevention of disintegration and empowerment of individuals and families
2. Parental guidance
3. After school care for children at risk
4. Poverty relief
5. Stellemploy job placement
6. Substance abuse program
7. Life skills training: Luckhoff Senior Secondary
8. Rehabilitation program for adults

  • individual and family counselling;
  • group work;
  • networking with other role players;
  • organising in- and outpatient treatment at rehabilitation centres


Ms Sandra Welman
Tel 021 883 2701; Fax 021 886 6825
PO Box 3161Matieland 7602

  • Assist the patient to live in a comfortable, pain-free manner at home
  • Keeps the family intact
  • Involve the patient and family members in developing and carrying out an individualized care plan
  • Preserves the quality and sanctity of life
  • This includes service to AIDS patients and their families

Integrated Human Ennoblement Project (IHEP)

Mr Frikkie Opperman
Tel/Fax 021 883 3081
PO Box 660
Stellenbosch 7599

  • Co-operate consistently with government for developmental transformation
  • Promote valued interrelationship between people, the environment and land reform
  • Access career and other opportunities for a socio-economic environment eradicating illiteracy, joblessness and poverty
  • Promote employment and free education for jobless and low-skilled workers
  • Serve and build a self-reliant nation with required government and non-government stakeholders and role-players

Matie Community Service

Ms Lydia Burger
Tel 021 808 3638
Fax 021 886 5441
Private Bag X1
Matieland 7602

  • Selfemployment
  • Entrepreneurship training: high school learners and adults
  • Skills development of unemployed persons
  • Computer practice, job hunting skills, career guidance
  • Educational support
  • Khanyisa Learning Project (Saturday School for Xhosa speaking grade 11 and 12 learners)
  • Computer classes
  • Support services for students with disabilities
  • Literacy classes
  • Level 1, 2 and 3 classes
  • Computer classes
  • Life skills development
  • Grade 7 learners
  • Leadership development
  • Human Rights development: primary schools
  • Human Rights development: secondary schools
  • Integration of people with disabilities in the community
  • Organisational capacity building services
  • e.g. Stellenbosch Work Centre, Stellenbosch Aids Action, SWOKK


Ms Veronica Thyssen
Tel 397 6060/1
Tel 889 8720
PO Box 443
Mitchells Plain

Community victim support
  • promote crime prevention activities through the implementation of public awareness, lobbying, networking and advocacy and training within communities and formal structures
  • To promote and strive for restorative justice to repair the damage caused by crime, through victor empowerment and making the offender accountable (offenders 13 – 35 years: life skills progamme; family group conference and pre-trial community services)
Offender Reintegration
  • To facilitate the reintegration of offenders into the community through the provision of developmental social services (short-term prisoners, families of prisoners and ex-prisoners)

Partners for Children Educational Trust

Ms Julia Cardo
Tel: (021) 447 2471
Fax:(021) 447 6566
P O Box 13678

  • Providing positive role-models for children and youth in need - through structured one-to-one mentoring relationships. Responsible mentoring:
  • Fosters the development of caring, supportive relationships
  • Improves a child’s self esteem, self-respect and respect for others
  • Encourages individuals to develop their own positive vision for the future and develop to their fullest potential
  • Is a strategy to develop active community partnerships
  • Our service matches appropriately screened and trained mentors with mentees who then meet once a week for an hour for the duration of a year. We have two streams:
  • School-Based Programme
  • Mentoring school children between grades 6-9 on school premises
  • Community Based Programme
  • Mentoring youth between the ages of 16 and 20 who have committed a first time offence and are going through Nicro’s Diversion Journey programme.


Ms Susan Moses
Tel 871 1682
Fax 872 0049
Private bag X3017,Paarl 7620

  • Canalization
  • Planning of welfare services

Project Daphne

Ms Betty Strydom
Tel 021 883 3235
021 883-8978 (9:00 – 11:00)
PO Box 7, 7599 Stellenbosch

  • A non-paramedic voluntary organisation caring for the handicapped, through
  • kindly neighbourly visits, to read to weak sighted of write letters
  • to provide transport for the semi-mobile to doctors, hospital or clinic, to shops, hairdressers, etc

Rape Crisis

Ms Danette Kotzé
Crisis line: 083 2444887
Info 082 903 8261
Fax 021 887 0376

  • To assist the police and district surgeon in a victim friendly environment
  • To prepare rape survivor for medical examination and police statement
  • To inform them about possibilities of STDs, HIV and pregnancy
  • To supply helpful information and guidelines re possible alternatives
  • Assisting family and friends to ultimately support victim as far as possible
  • To promote awareness in schools, university and local community
  • To refer sexual & rape survivors to appropriate aftercare services

Salvation Army Hesketh King Treatment Centre

Ms Tilla Prinsloo
Tel 021 884 4600
Fax 021 884 4602
PO Box 5, Elsenburg 7607

  • Long-term residential treatment programme for men with primary alcohol addiction and other substances as a secondary addiction
  • To develop the alcoholic and the important people in his life into a new lifestyle and sober way of thinking for a sober/clean future


Ms Veronica Scholtz
Tel 021 883 8344
Fax 021 886 4896
PO Box 53
Stellenbosch 7599

  • The scanning of the environment to identify opportunities and partnerships to ensure that people are not trained “to nowhere”. Therefore the emphasis of the training and supporting of entrepreneurs is on sustainable livelihood
  • Information: to ensure that there is an updated database of information and references to support emerging and potential entrepreneurs
  • The training of basic business skills
  • The hands on training of specialised skills adapted to the entrepreneurs; specialised needs
  • Mentorship: “On the job” guidance to support the entrepreneur in his specific needs, to help him/her to become self-sustainable

SEED Trust (Stellenbosch Early Education Development)

Ms Michi Hugo
Tel 887 0486
Fax 887 0486
PO Box 1400
Stellenbosch 7599

  • Babin Preprimary, Preschool and Daycare
  • Providing a non-profit community preschool with an open-plan educational system
  • Providing a full daycare service for preschool
  • Providing affordable, accessible, dual-medium preschool education and care with a multi-cultural character
  • Training/research/consultation
  • Providing or accessing training for persons working in the ECD field
  • Networking with training/educational institutions re training and research in the ECD field
  • Providing affordable consulting services to preschool and daycare establishments
  • SEED preschool resource centre
  • Providing a centre for the Stellenbosch Preschool Study Group and others (more than 60 preschools/crèches)
  • Target groups: Preschool teachers, educarers, childminders, students, trainees, parents
  • Establishing a data base of ECD needs, services and resources for the Stellenbosch area
  • Providing a scrap materials collection and distribution point
  • Providing training and advice in the use of resources
  • Generating newsletters, leaflets, publications for the target groups and ECD field


Ms Betta Augustyn
Tel 021 886 6993
Fax 021 887 0977
PO Box 2384
Dennesig 7601

Relieve unemployment through:
  • Placement of people in employment with their specific skills
  • Equipping skilled and semi-skilled work seekers with job skills, by linking them to relevant training resources
  • Registration of job seekers with their specific skills, references and qualifications
  • Screening job seekers
  • Support and counseling
  • Consultation and facilitation of similar organizations

Stellenbosch AIDS action

Ms Marise du Preez -
Tel/Fax 021 887 2068
c/o Matie Community Service
Private Bag X1
Matieland 7602

EMMA BURGER - 0828513164

Marise du Preez (082 578 1833) en Monica du Toit
Telnr.: (021) 887 8802

To render supportive services addressing the emotional, spiritual, social and health needs of persons with HIV infection and AIDS, their families and friends.
Services include:
  • Pre- & Post-test counseling
  • Testing
  • Counseling and Support Groups

To institute measures directed at preventing the spread of HIV infection:
Services: Information Centre (Pamphlets, posters, etc.)
  • Educational Talks (Schools, Churches, other organizations, etc.)
  • Training
  • Condom Distribution

To co-operate with other associations/organisations with similar aims

Stellenbosch Child and Family Welfare Society

Ms Susan Burger
Tel 021 887 2816
Fax 021 887 2818
PO Box 4068
Idas Valley

  • Income generating and empowerment
  • School readiness programmes
  • Effective schooling
  • Entrepreneurship and feeding
  • Recreational facilities
  • Empowerment
  • Child safety (special needs: Aids, Disabled, Elderly)
  • Awareness programmes
  • Eye on the childeren
  • High risk children
  • Family support programme
  • Parental skills
  • Life skills
  • Intake and early intervention
  • Statutory work
  • Continuum of care: child care act, substance abuse, family violence, divorce act
  • Foster care: recruit, train and support (parent and children)

Stellenbosch Voedingsaksie

Ms Martie Heyl
Tel 021 887 2816
Fax 021 887 2818
PO Box 4068
Idas Valley

  • Co-ordination of all the feeding programmes in Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch Trauma Service

Dr A Adendorf
Tel 082 755 999
(Trauma first call)

  • A telephone line for any trauma in Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch Night Shelter

Ms Dorothy Reynecke
Tel 021 886 6173
PO Box 766
Stellenbosch 7599

  • Offers an evening meal, shower, bed and breakfast to homeless people
  • Offers social services
  • Admittance daily between 17:30 and 18:30
  • Tickets (10 @ R30) at the Night Shelter, MCS, DR Student Church and Stb Trading
  • Community can support financially, by providing food, a job, clothes or practical help

Stellenbosch Work Centre

Mr Philip Williams
Tel 021 887 8688
Fax 021 887 8504
PO Box 3359
Matieland 7602

  • Providing sheltered employment for people with disabilities, with the aim of eventually integrating some of them into the labour force
  • Target group: persons irrespective of race or gender, between 18 and 55, with physical, mental, psychiatric and multiple diagnoses. They must either live in Stellenbosch or be able to use public support, must receive a disability grant and have a stabilized medical condition. Capacity for 45 persons.

Unit for Educational Psychology US

Dr PJ Normand
Tel 021 808 2315
private bag X1
7602 Matieland

  • Counselling sessions with psychologists (per appointment) to address problems
  • Sessions to children, groups and parents at five preprimary schools in the Stellenbosch region
  • Pscho-educational assessments and intervention at the Unit for children and their parents.
  • Psycho-educational support for parents and teachers at their request.

Women on Farms Project

Ms Bernadine Peyi
Tel 887 2960
Fax 887 2963
PO Box 530
Stellenbosch 7599

  • Works towards an engendered society that treats women who live and work on farms with dignity and respect
  • Promotes and protects women’s rights
  • Values the contribution women are making to the agricultural sector and to South Africa’s economy
  • Fosters a work environment where women’s labour is valued and where women enjoy the same employment benefits as men

Youth Outreach

Mr Christo Barnard
Tel 082 824 2998
c/o Child Welfare Society
PO Box 4068
Idas Valley

  • Effective service to children on the street
  • Meet their basic needs
  • Programmes flexible according to needs
  • Rehabilitation programme
  • Community education to understand the situation
  • Discourage donations to children



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