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Windows XP Application Compatibility Update April 2002

Microsoft has released Windows XP Application Compatibility Update, April 2002.
This update include fixes for the following programs:
102 Dalmatians Puppies to the Rescue - Disney
Audigy Utilities - Creative Labs
AVIChop - Vasili Papaconstantinou
B-17 Flying Fortress - Microprose
BackWeb Lite Installer - BackWeb
DrEye2001 - Inventec
Emergency Fighters for Life - WizardWorks
FIFA 2002 - EA Sports
Grokster - Grokster, Ltd
Half-Life CounterStrike - Sierra
Hoyle Card Games 5 - Sierra
Humongous Registration Program - Humongous Entertainment
IConfig - SCM Microsystems Inc.
Jamella Diablo II Editor Jamella(US- and korean version)
Jekyll and Hyde - DreamCatcher Interactive
KaZaA - Sharman Networks 2002
Midtown Madness - Microsoft
Midtown Madness 2 - Microsoft
Moon Tycoon - Legacy Interactive
MTV TRL Trivia - Take2 Interactive
Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed - Electronic Arts
NHL 2002 - EA Sports
Official Formula 1 Racing - EIDOS
PhotoDeluxe Business Edition 1.0 - Adobe
The Playa - Project Mayo
PrintMaster 4.0 - MindScape
Sasami 2000 Nuclei (korean)
SimMania for Kids: SimTunes - Maxis
SimMania for Kids: Widget Workshop Maxis
SimMania for Kids: Sim Park - Maxis
TaxCut Deluxe 2001 - Block Financial Software
Triple Play 2002 - EA Sports
Ventura 8: CorelDraw - Corel
Works 2001: Calendar - Microsoft

Source: Space Age Technologies

Easy CD Creator Basic Update 5.3

Easy CD Creator goes way beyond the software that came with your CD-Recorder, and all earlier deluxe editions. Now it's easier than ever to create music, photo, video, and data CDs. Access music on the Internet. Fine tune your music tracks. Edit and enhance photos and videos with a pro's touch. Save and share data with confidence. And, CD Guide, a new animated character, takes you through the steps of creating your CDs...


Windows 2000 smart tags bug

Windows 2000 smart tags bugWhen running Microsoft Word 2002 or Excel 2002 on a Windows 2000 computer, smart tags may not be visible in the Word or Excel documents. This happens when not using the built-in Administrator account in Windows 2000. There is a Registry fix that can be done that will allow the smart tags to be seen...





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