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Kerke van STELLENBOSCH Churches


Who we are:

Steltrans (short for Stellenbosch Transformation) is an united initiative of the churches of Stellenbosch where we want to make a contribution to the wellbeing of our community that struggles with issues like poverty, crime, violence, AIDS, drugs, seeming loss of values and a sense of despair amongs many.

This initiative will reach out to all sectors of society, for example local government, education, arts, sports and recreation, housing, welfare services, science, family life and so on.

This initiative is based on a vision that the answers to the present maladies in which society and individual people find themselves are to be found in the Bible and in particular in the restoration of the relationship between God and man in Jesus Christ and man to man under the guidance of the Spirit of God.

What we plan:

The first practical initiative will be the gathering of believers of all churches in Stellenbosch in one united prayer event on the Danie Craven Rugby Stadium in Stellenbosch on Sunday 14 October 2001.

This will be seen as the start of a process in which churches will pool together their resources for the material and spiritual development of this community in various practical ways in all the above mentioned sectors.

It will be undergirded by an ongoing endeavour for unceasing prayer in a spirit of unity and reconciliation

Where to find us:

Our full time co-ordinater is Charl du Preez who works under the direction of the Steltrans committee, a subcommittee of the Council for Church Co-operation in Stellenbosch.

Our office can be contacted as follows:
Telephone: 880 2777
Fax: 880 2999

What can you contribute?

You are welcome to contribute your expertise in various fields, especially with regards to the rally planned for 14 October: prayer, music, councelling, marketing, financial management, administration, and many other aspects. Feel free to contact the office.

Our bank facilities are as follows:
ABSA Stellenbosch
Account Number 405 270 7270
Name of account: Steltrans
Branch code: 334410



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