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Serious Sam, The Second Encounter

Yet another sucessful sequal. Serious Sam in its first edition was already mind-blowing at the time. Lots of things to shoot at, high detail, huge selection of weapons, extensive levels, even more weapons and loads of fun. Get ready for The Second Encounter of Serious Sam.

First up, SSTSE has more weapons, like a chainsaw, a flame-thrower and a 16mm sniper rifle. Snipers are essential in today's FPS market. Gotta have one. You'll find the usual array of weapons you're still familiar with from the first version, like the knife, .45 pistol, shotgun, double-barrel coach gun, submachine gun, minigun, grenade launcher, rocket launcher, laser gun and cannon. Phew, that could do some serious damage...

As for the tricks of the trade, this time you can fool around with invisibility, invulnerability, "Serious Damage", and "Serious Speed". You want more? On top of the many more missions, they've piled 7 new enemies. The sounds are crisper than ever, and although we couldn't detect 4 or 5 point surround, the SB Live Value we used made a good job of conveying aural pleasure at its best.

I don't want to give away too much of the game's plot (and admit that I haven't gotten very far) but the graphics were awesome, detailed and crisp. Loads of new scenery and bigger levels and I just had to run into the first booby trap... a rather yucky affair. Blood and gore is apleanty in this release, so this isn't for the faint of heart or younger readers out there. We only used a no-name brand TNT2 M64 for the review and coupled to a 1Ghz AMD and 256Mb RAM it flew. The minimum is a 400Mhz CPU with at least 128Mb RAM and a 3D accellerator card. There's still no joystick support, but the mouse and key combination still work well.

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